Thrillseekers Unlimited is Nevada's ORIGINAL Professional Stunt & Action Sports Company,

Based in Las Vegas since 1992.

The Film & TV Division provides the entire stunt and production needs for your Films, Television Shows, Commercials, Music Videos or any other Corporate Videos and Advertisement needs.

Our "Live Show" division creates incredible Corporate & Live Events, Advertising & PR Campaigns, Marketing Campaigns, Film Premiers & Upfronts


  **NEW Commercial**

Virgin Hotel & Casino Las Vegas      "US-Unstoppable"

This is the 1st spot for the New "Virgin Hotel & Casino", Directed by Dean Alexander, Thanks to our Producers Ronda, Pia & Shauna, Our 11 Drivers did an awesome job over two HOT Days. Thanks Matt, MG, Andriana, Stitch, Michelle, Austin, Chris, Antonio, Paul, Jeff & Christo


Stunt Coordination, Show Concepts & Development, Stunt Engineering, Professional Rigging, Stunt & Precision Driving, 2nd Unit Directing, Set Safety Personnel, Action Sports Coordinating, Location Scouting, Stunt Doubles,  ND Stunt Personnel, Action Actors, EMT's, Safety Crews and all Stunt Equipment..

We also handle "Cirque" Specialty Acts, Parkour & Acrobats, Celebrity Action Sports Athletes, and we have a wide variety of Custom/Classic Cars & Motorcycles.

We are extremely proud of our 100% Safety Record, We are completely Vettable, Insurable & Bondable, 29+ years experience and have All Expected Abilities!

Click on our EPK Tab for our Full Color "Media Kit", Including: Resume's, References, Client List(s), Bios, Photos & Videos + Complete Equipment List available Credits:(See IMDb) 300+ Film, TV, Commercial & Live Show Credits.

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Thrillseekers Unlimited is committed to providing professional action to all productions and world class live events.. We will work with your team to create and execute the ACTION with safety as our #1 Objective.

Stunt Coordination, Show concepts & development, stunt engineering, professional rigging, stunt & precision driving, 2nd unit directing, set safety personnel, action sports coordinating, location scouting, stunt doubles,  ND stunt personnel, action actors, EMT's, safety crews and all stunt equipment.

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