Product & Company Endorsement
Thrillseekers Unlimited Athletes and Stunt Performers are available for product endorsements, branding & sponsorship opportunities. Clients Include Octane Java, Harley-Davidson, Bad Boy, Xlete, Bass Ale..

Action Sports Management
Thrillseekers' athletes & consultants are available for: Personal Appearances, Political Appearances, Product Endorsement, Speaking Engagements, Television Commercials, Television Hosting, Commercial Print, Sports Modeling, Event Planners, Theme Park Consultants, Action Sports Tours and Product Promotions.

Gear & Equipment Testing
Thrillseekers Professionals are available to test your products and/or gear...From R&D to final production, We will give your designers the insight (from a professional athlete / stunt performers perspective) to develop the BEST possible Products!!.. Clients Include: Moto-Sk8, Outback Mountainboards, Carve Boards, Skate Cat, Skeletools..

Media/Marketing Consultants
Thrillseekers Unlimited has consulted with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, top Public Relations firms and Brand Marketing companies. We work with your team on Concepts, Designs, Grassroots campaigns, Promotional Tours and Brand Rollouts. Our team can provide support services including: Performers, Equipment, Logistics, Pyrotechnics, Permitting, Insurance and Staff

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Action Sports Modeling
Extreme/Action Sports Athletes and Stunt Performers are available for sports print modeling and advertising, marketing or promotional campaigns. Clients Include: Harley-Davidson, ESPN, Xlete, Career Experience

Motivational Speakers
Thrillseekers motivational speakers are comprised of some of the worlds best extreme sports celebrities and film & TV stunt performers. We are available for corporate functions, charity events, grand openings, schools or fundraisers.

Production Services
With Thrillseekers Unlimited's experience in over 100 films, television shows, commercials, music videos and other advertising, marketing and promotional campaigns, we can provide for any and all of your production needs, including: grip & lighting, location scouting, EMT/Safety Personnel, all crew and any other production service.Complete Stunt Coordinating and location scounting is also available for your productions.


The Thrillseekers team has been committed to delivering incredible action since 1992.. Safety is #1 with us.. We are proud of our 100% safety record.. We are completely Insurable, bondable and have been Vetted by dozens of the largest production companies in the World

Stock Footage & Photos
Thrillseekers has a COMPLETE LIBRARY of the WORLDS greatest extreme sports, professional stunts, behind the scenes, world record events and more available in a variety of formats!!

Theme Park Design & Consultation
Working with our partners on Theme Show Design, Safety Consulting, Installation and Personnel.. The Thrillseekers Team was hired by former Prime Minister Heny Eman to develop, design & build the First "Professional Skate Park" in Aruba. Other theme park Clients include, Six Flags / Hurricane Harbor, Sea World, Wet N Wild.