Feature Film "LIE" - 44 Reels Pictures (India) - May 2017

 Rich Hopkins, was brought in to Coordinate all of the “Off-Road” action for this PSA for “Mojave Max”, He is the State Mascot for the endangered Desert Tortoise. Thanks to Jerry Thompson and his team at Light Forge Studios for trusting our team to get the Shots! And thanks to my great Team, Travis Pitt, Chad Geib, Royce Blust and Orvis Slack from GEMS.... As always.. we will post more “On Set” Pics after it is released.. (Top Secret)

CLICK TO WATCH - www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oee_XIQpz60

Mojave Max - "To The Max" - Commercial - Light Forge Studio - September 2017

Rich Hopkins, was hired by producers David & Zach Wulf, Jason Miller and Braxton Pope for this Suspense Horror film directed by Tim Hunter. The Film Starred: Crispin Glover, Ronen Rubinstein, Mia Serafino, Cody Simpson, Amadeus Serafini, and Daniel Covin

This SAG Feature had fights, lots of killing and driving stunts.. Thank to my great Team, Erika Schwarz, Max Jay, Greg Anderson, Jeff Payne, Jon Capps, Jeff Jay and Matt Jaskol and Orvis Slack from GEMS..  We will post more “On Set” Pics after it is released.. (Top Secret)

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Thrillseekers Rich Hopkins joined forces with Thailands Best Action Stunt Team "JaiKa Stunts"

Lead by Kecha & Chai..

Our USA team included: Alex Shoenauer, Spephan Bonnar, Phil Baroni, Heath Herring, Webster Whinery Jr., Kasper Jorgensen, Anthony Njokuani, Max Jay, Sherrod Blackledge, Kenny Mazola, Demond Brock & Jeff Jay.. Stunts shot on location @ Nelson Landing Ghost Town outside of Las Vegas.. Thanks to Set Medic, Karen Strutynski

CLICK TO WATCH TRAILER - www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXSxaX1ydhk

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"Chef Robert Irvine / Public House" - Live Event - Tropicana Hotel - Las Vegas - July 2017

Stunt Coordinator and 2nd Unit Director Rich Hopkins added the Adrenaline to "Party Bus to Hell" Starring Tara Reid,  Devanny Pinn, Sadie Katz, Stefani Blake + ..  This Horror Film was shot in Las Vegas and is about a group that hires a Party bus to go to "Burning man" and all Hell breaks loose... Thanks to my stunt team, Jeff Jay, Spidey Turner, Jackie Gerhardy, Jeff Bucknum, Chris Garcia and JR Gennuso.. and always EMT Orvis Slack from Guardian Elite Medical Services

WATCH TRAILER HERE - https://youtu.be/UtU3dX07msA

"Gold Rush Alaska" - Commercial - Discovery Channel - September 2017

Feature Film "PARTY BUS TO HELL" - Mahal Empire Productions - April 2017

Rich Hopkins, was back again at the Trop.. this time for the OPENING of “Public House”.. Fall of 2016 we did a 220 foot rappel with the Chef for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.. this time we rolled down “The Strip” in Military Humvees and flew into the event in a Helicopter.. Thanks Sarah Ryan and Randi Kolesar from Allied and Eric Ackley and  the Trop Team!

Rich Hopkins designed the stunts and brought in Maverick Helicopters and Battlefield Vegas

Thrillseekers 2017 Re-Cap Newsletter -  CLICK FOR PDF

Rich Hopkins, brought in by Production Manager Shana Caserta to Coordinate all of the Driving stunts that included, racing Trucks, ATV’s and Dump Trucks across Eldorado Lake Bed near Boulder City.. This is a promotional spot for “Gold Rush Alaska” Season 8 the spot starred: Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Rick Ness & Tony Beets. Thank to my great Driving Team: Byron Payne, Shane Donley & Travis Pitt.

CLICK TO WATCH - https://youtu.be/TIrChjLi7_4

"Smiley Face Killers" - Feature Film - Las Vegas, Nevada - August 2017