Imagine Dragons – “Next to Me” – Music Video – North Las Vegas, Nevada - March 2018

Chinese TV Series shooting in and around Las Vegas From June through October 2018 Starring Li Chen & Wang Qianyaun.. Rich Hopkins is the Primary Stunt Driver & Stunt Driving Coordinator for the Series

So far our Stunt Drivers included: Jeff Payne, Matt Jaskol, Travis Pitt, Shane Donley & Jeff Jay
2nd Unit Director: Jacov Bresler

Stunt Coordinators: Jeff Jay & Art Camacho


New Comedy Series for Netflix Directed by Jeff Tomsic (TAG) and the Rotten Bananas Team

Starring 5 Stand-Up Comedians and a bunch of Funny Situations
Thanks to Matthew Vaughn, Alex Moon, Jeremy Judice and the rest of the team for bring us in for Safety! 

“ART OF THE DEAD” – FEATURE FILM -  Las Vegas, Nevada - May 2018

MG Studio, Michael Gaskell & Production Manager Joey Chirafi hired Rich Hopkins to Coordinate three different Spots of NJEI Energy Drink from Sweden - Directed by Rane Tiukkenen from Emote Films in Sweden

The 3 Spots were: 2 Female MMA Fighters sparing on a “Slackline” over a canyon, a Mountain Biker hitting golf balls while bombing a hill, and a Sprinter “Underwater” running hurdles..

Tightrope -

Golf -

Hurdles -

 “THE DEGENERATES” – Netflix Series -  Las Vegas, Nevada - June 2018

NJIE Energy Drink – Commercial(s) – Valley of Fire & Las Vegas, NV - February 2018

Rich Hopkins, was back again at the Palms. this time for the RE-OPENING Commercial for the NEW “Palms Launch”.  this spot is all about Destroying the OLD Palms and Rebuilding the NEW! Special Thanks to the Team at PrettyBird Productions in LA.
Directed by: Paul Hunter from PrettyBird LA
Also on-board, SPFX Pyro George Phillips and Orvis Slack from GEMS

EXTENDED Version -
Broadcast Version -

Silver State Productions & Prime Zero Production in conjunction with Interscope Records brought in Thrillseekers Stunt Coordinator and Stunt Driver Rich Hopkins to coordinate (and play the Cop) for this “Music Video/Short Film” with the band “Imagine Dragons” (Vegas Locals). The entire band was super cool to work with, especially singer Dan Reynolds who did a great job acting and did all of his own stunts!

Directed by Mark Pellington & Produced by Dana Marshall

Thanks to the great and cool Jason Miller & Justin Folger from Silver State!
And of course, our EMT Orvis Slack from GEMS kept it all safe as well as my Armorer JJ Robinson

Scope the Video:

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 “7 Days Alive” – Netflix & Amazon Prime TV Series -  Las Vegas, Nevada - June - October 2018

 Producers Michael & Sonny Mahal brought in Stunt Coordinator Rich Hopkins again to Coordinate the Stunts for the SAG Film, “Art of the Dead”

Synopsis: An artist who made a pact with dark forces when he created these paintings that represent the seven deadly sins. Now, anyone who comes in contact with these pictures are corrupted by Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Envy, and Wrath.

Starring: Richard Grieco, Tara Reid, Alex Rinehart, Jessica Morris,
Thanks to Director Rolfe Kanefsky and to the Mahal Brothers for trusting us AGAIN with the action & safety of the film
EMT Orvis Slack from GEMS


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Palms Hotel - “FROM DUST TO GOLD” - Commercial – Las Vegas, Nevada - April 2018

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