The 2017 season of Drivers Edge is launching..

Drivers Edge is a 501 (3) (c) Non-Profit organization that teaches teen drivers from 15 (with Permit) to 21 years of age. For well over a Decade Drivers Edge has had over 120,000 participants experience this program.. Saving Lives and Making a Difference!

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City of Las Vegas Defensive Driving Program - 2017 Season underway..

Lead by Drivers Edge, founder Jeff Payne, who has developed this driving program for the City of Las Vegas. All City employees from the Mayor on down are required to take this program every 3 years

Participants learn the “Rules of the Road”, Evasive Lane Changes, ABS Breaking, slalom course, backing exercises, vehicle maintenance and then have a fun “Team Building Autocross Race” with each other

Instructors include: Rich Hopkins, Jeff Bucknum, Byron Payne, Shane Donley and some of the “Edge” team.

Rich Hopkins and Thrillseekers Unlimited now being represented by KMR Stunts & Sports veteran agent Heidi Hydar.  With years of experience representing some of the industries top professionals.. only great things can happen!! Thrillseekers has a long history with them back to the "JHR" days,  "We have gone full circle to re-team with this top notch Agency".. The Sky is the Limit!!


Thrillseekers 2016 Re-Cap Newsletter -  CLICK FOR PDF

Stunt Coordinator and Precision Driver Rich Hopkins cranked out this commercial shoot with Mike Gaskell and the MG Studio crew with multiple locations in various conditions displaying the versatility of this new tire for 2017…. Snow (Mammoth) Dry & Rain (with Water Pros) in Vegas. Thanks to our cool clients from HFA.. Milissa, Tony & AJ.. and of course our EMT Orvis Slack from Guardian Elite Medical Services for keeping us all safe

Contact: Heidi Hydar - KMR - - 818-755-7550

Goodyear – “Assurance” – Mammoth, California & Las Vegas, Nevada

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